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Self-Assessment, Journal comparing what students knew, to what they know after . words using a knowledge of the parts of speech and using context clues .

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Question #1 asks, “Using context clues, what does the word 'electronic' . If not, it can be nailed to the truss and roof with at least four self-locking screws. . passage and answering some questions as an assessment to see how well you can .

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Ideas/seeds for an objective-aligned activity; Sample Assessments . Use word context clues, sentence structure, and visual clues to guide self-correction .

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Proficient readers use context clues to help them understand unknown words. . They may also need lots of chances to experiment with using context clues.

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Strategy/Lesson Suggestions. Formative Assessment Suggestions. Context Clue Challenge. In groups of four, students write definitions, but there is a catch!

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Another possible strategy is the use of context clues to help guess the meaning of . involving logic and grammar, improved self-assessment corresponded with .

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Classroom reading assessments : more efficient ways to view and evaluate . Literature Study Group Self-Evaluation . ___ uses context clues appropriately .

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Self-assess meanings of words using context clues. Apply understanding of text feature to aid comprehension. Use questioning to make sense of content.

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from the context of the sentence that resilient is the only choice that makes sense ( . clues or partial word knowledge—and still not be able to adequately understand the . how to self-assess and set word learning goals, and providing feed- .

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Reflection is ideal for self-guided learning and practice. . 2. Choosing and Reading the Right Books SelfAssessment. 3 . Context Clues SelfAssessment. 108 .

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Context clue detectives: Empowering students with a self-learning device through the teaching of context clues. by Yuen, Joanna, M.A., UNIVERSITY OF .

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In assessment, accommodations may be made to the presentation, response method, . Negative feelings such as lack of motivation, lack of self-confidence and . Context clues may be drawn from the immediate sentence containing the word .


. page booklet includes issues with sight words, context clues, self-monitoring, . is the assessment of student skills, strengths and weaknesses and developing .

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Performance Descriptors with Classroom Assessments Grade 3 - Reading . phonics, word patterns, structural analysis, context clues) to recognize new words when . Self-monitor reading and use decoding strategies to self-correct miscues.

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Given a self-selected text, the student will identify five new words to develop their personal . Ability to recognize context clues . San Diego quick assessment .

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use rereading and context clues as a fix-up strategy. • self assess and monitor their own reading progress. • share a book with a partner (sit hip-to-hip and read .