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The case study of the Contship La Spezia Container Terminal, located in the Mediterranean Sea in Italy, is examined. 1. . depends on the costs of resource usage, the lateness in vessel . The diagram in figure 3-2 is a graph where the .

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Maritime Freight Container Management System Using RFID - GTEC

container terminal is very important due to its associated cost. Among the different . The terminal operation is described below in terms of use cases. Managing the . have their corresponding representation in the class diagram: Container .

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Sep 30, 2011 . FInest partners involved in the operations related to each use case, descriptions of as-is processes . transport chain: the port, the shipping line and the container terminal. . Figure 10: Diagram of NCL business processes .

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Apr 2, 2010 . Chittagong Port is one the prominent ports in south Asia. . RFID-enabled returnable container management: RADIO . Use Case diagram .

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sequence to those determined by a greedy algorithm, and Johnson's rule. . 3.5 (a) Schematic diagram of landside operations when single cycling. . Correspondence between diffusion parameters and container terminal parameters. . 58 .

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SECTION ONE: DRY PORTS, CONTAINERIZATION AND MULTI-MODAL. TRANSPORT 1 . :Use of Konig Numbers as a Measure of Centrality. 8. . Diagrammatic Representation of Import Flows _. Rail Access: Large . port(s) or, in the case of international land movements, are in contact with the sources of imports and .

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Container Terminal Operational Guidelines Issued 1st March 2007. 2. Table of . Port will carry out Bay Planning and unloading / sequence of containers in . Complete description including sketches, diagrams, photographs etc in jpeg / bmp .

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terminal and are located in different part of city, country or continents. . The Web -Tier is the web server part that includes the web container and other . use case and class diagrams (which define the functionality and the logical view of the .

Propagation Path Loss Modeling in Container Terminal Environment

in case of use inadequate path loss model, so the special survey of propagation phenomenon in container terminal area becomes crucial. This paper . Block diagram of primary equipment set used in propaga- tion measurements in container .

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decide allocation of resources but also the sequence and timing of operations. Due to . Figure 1: Diagram of Container Terminal Subsystems. (Picture courtesy .

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A Simulation Study for Designing a Rail Terminal in a Container Port

terminal, the crane transfers inbound containers from wag- ons onto the temporary area during its idle time. Figure 5: The Sequence Diagram for Rail Terminal .

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Keywords: Container terminal; Terminal operations; Port operations . Modern ports use computer programs to sequence loading and unloading operations and . 3 shows a queueing diagram for the loading and unloading processes for an .

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To avoid operational interruption in case of technical failures and to increase productivity and . The use of DGPS at a container terminal is reported in [179].

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for port managers and inhibit the successful use of new innovations to their full potential. This . actual data from a container terminal and a case study application of the . of a general predefined time-diagram for the container arrivals (6,7,8).

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case of use inadequate path loss model, so the special survey of . 5 thousands propagation path measurements in real container terminal . Block diagram of primary equipment set used in propagation measurements in container terminal .