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A rating scale question requires a person to rate a product or brand along a . A constant sum question permits collection of "ratio" data, meaning that the data is .

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Constant sum scale – a respondent is given a constant sum of money, script, credits, or points and asked to allocate these to various items (example : If you had .

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Nov 1, 2011 . dichotomous, multiple choice, rank order, scaled, or constant sum (ratio scale). Column 3: Enter the type of analysis supported by the answer .

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Open-ended text questions, dichotomous, multiple choice, rank order, multiple choice matrix, Likert or Semantic Differential scales, constant sum, conjoint, side .

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Information about Constant sum in the free online English dictionary and . Demographic questions, constant sum questions and rating scales can all be .

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Constant-sum scale: evaluation of the relative importance of an attitude. Divide 100 points among each of the following toothpaste characteristics, according to .

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Constant Sum. The Constant Sum question allows respondents to enter in numeric responses, such as what percentage of time or income they use for particular .

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Sep 20, 2010 . Constant Sum Scaling is a method used to organize and sort a variety of options. The respondent is presented with a few options and given a .

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Constant Sum Scales. This technique requires the respondent to divide a given number of points, typically 100, among two or more attributes based on their .

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Eric Bradlow-Wharton School. Sawtooth Software Conference. September 2001. Appropriate Use of Constant Sum Data. What is Constant Sum Scale data?

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. Rolling back incomplete surveys; Save-and-return functionality; Highly customized error messaging; Constant sum scale questions; Randomization and Block .

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Comparative Scales. Paired Comparison. Rank Order. Constant Sum. Q-Sort and Other Procedures. Continuous Rating Scales. Itemized Rating Scales. 8-15 .

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Nov 1, 2011 . Paired Comparisons; Constant Sum Scales; Rank Order; Rating Scales . butes is measured using a constant sum scale to allocate 100 points .

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Feb 21, 2010 . Can anyone suggest what kind of analysis that can be applied on a constant sum scale questionnaire?

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polytomous rating of a single alternative, e.g., on a 5-point scale,. • assigning a probability to a set of M alternatives; also referred to as constant-sum data, .